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The following describes some of the equipment, tools and techniques I utilize to carve monumental stone (granite and dolomite) sculpture.  Remember these are the methods that work best for me in my applications.  They may or may not apply to the way you work.


With respect to carving granite, don’t be afraid to tackle a project in this material just because it is hard. You may want to experiment with small pieces before moving up to monumental sculpture. This will help you to develop your working techniques and self confidence.  Personally enjoy the resistance and response of granite.  It is a great material to work in.  I normally carve field stone (granite & dolomite) mainly because of it’s availability in my part of the world.  It can be very interesting/surprising to deal with due to its impurities and faults.  If you have an opportunity to carve good quality quarried stone, enjoy. 



The picture below shows the two saws I mainly utilize for monumental work.  On the yellow grinder I run a 9” blade whereas on the green grinder I run a 4.5” to 5” blade.  I use the 5” grinder for more detailed work and the 9” grinder for roughing.


With respect to the larger 9” saw (yellow unit) this is a basic industrial grinder.  It is not specifically a stone saw.  You may wish to purchase a unit that is specifically rated for stone.  To date I have not done so due to initial cost and functional factors.  The 9” grinder I am currently using is a Dewalt Model D28499 and meets all my requirements at this time.  The 5” grinder is a Bosh 1348.  Again these are my current preferences and you will need to investigate what fits your needs.


Things to consider when purchasing as saw:




Miscellaneous Tools:






Hand Stone Cutting


Cutting Comfort


Scaffold Work



Don’t let me scare you with the safety issues.  Use good common sense and things will go well.

And remember get some blood on the stone.

Let’s carve


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