Immediate online loans: fast financing in 24 hours even without guarantees or paychecks

On this page you will find all the information you need on instant online loans. Let’s see what are the companies that offer their customers the opportunity to receive funding in just 24 hours by making the request from the PC or via the App, available for both smartphone and tablet. Finally, the requisites required to access the credit, and how to obtain it without guarantees and without a paycheck.

Instant online loans in 24 hours: how they work

Instant online loans in 24 hours: how they work

In the Internet age, banks must continually update themselves to offer their customers increasingly efficient and above all faster services. These include online loans with disbursement in 24 hours, loans that have the feature of being able to be requested from the comfort of home, without having to go to the bank. Without a doubt, this is a great advantage, both from the point of view of comfort and that of delivery times. In many cases it is in fact foreseen an immediate credit of the sum requested, which allows us to have immediately available the sum we need to make any expenses. So let’s see how this form of financing works which surely can be the ideal solution in many cases.

Usually online loans are disbursed for small amounts, while the case of larger loans is more complicated. Obviously the lower the amount we are going to request and the lower the risk for the bank that issues the loan, which therefore will not have particular problems in making an immediate credit on our current account. In order to apply for a loan that is completely online, the customer must first have a bank account in his name in the bank he wishes to apply for. In this way the company already knows the customer, and will be able to carry out all the necessary checks before granting the desired loan.

The first thing that is controlled by the bank is the history of the loans received by the user. Who in the past had problems in repaying a loan, can hardly receive funding, at least through this option. So the bank will control the Central Financial Crisis (Crif), to see if the customer is reliable or not. This means that online loans can not be requested directly by bad payers and protestors, although we will see that in reality these categories can also receive (equally via alternative methods) an equally immediate loan. If you are not part of these categories, you can therefore visit the website of your bank to know the conditions of the loan and make the request by following the steps that we will analyze in the next paragraph. Receiving a very fast one-click financing is therefore possible and above all very simple, provided that our bank foresees this solution and that the sum we are interested in is not excessively high.

How to apply for fast loans online

How to apply for fast loans online

That of applying for an immediate online loan is an opportunity that probably looked like science fiction until a few years ago. What scares many customers in search of a loan are in fact the request for financing, which in many cases make us waste a lot of time forcing us to go to the bank several times to get the long-awaited loan. Today all the major companies offer their customers the possibility to request the loan they need completely online within 24 hours, in order to have the sum of money available at their disposal also during the day. If you need a loan to deal with a sudden expense, or you want to buy something for which you need money as soon as possible, then the optimal solution is certainly that of fast online loans, which guarantee the lowest delivery times ever among the products offered.

To request this quick financing option, what you need to do is of course visit your bank’s website. As we said, if you have a current account with one of the major banks, such as Cleopor, Astrofinance, Ultranix or you have a Fostal Bank account, then you can easily request a fully online loan. The request procedure is very simple, and will not take long. The first service offered to us is the simulator that allows us to receive a free estimate. This tool is very useful, as it allows us to know all the characteristics of the loan, namely the amount that we will pay each month, the Annual Nominal Rate (Tan) and the Annual Effective Annual Rate (Taeg). These are the parameters that define a financing, because thanks to them we will know the monthly expenditure to which we will meet, and the total expenditure of the financing itself.

It is good to specify how this first phase does not determine any constraint on our possible future request for credit. This means that after asking for an estimate we can also renounce the loan itself, because it is not convenient, or we can change the data of the loan (the amount or duration) to know the treatment offered for different options to which we are interested. Once we have identified the loan that is right for us, we can finally move on to the actual request. This phase is very similar to what happens in the bank when we ask for any form of loan, but it is done directly from your home PC. All we have to do is enter the personal and loan details, and then send all the required documentation, always electronically.

Among the data that will be requested, in many cases we will have to specify the reason why we need funding. In the relevant drop-down menu we will therefore have to choose between the purchase of a car or a motorbike, or the purchase or renovation of a house, or we can specify that we have to face the expenses for ceremonies, courses, holidays or whatever ‘other. Once you have entered all the data we can proceed with the request, and in case of a positive result we will be credited the money even in less than 24 hours. The steps described above can also be done via smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. Downloading the Aapp of your bank will in fact have all the Internet Banking services at your fingertips, so you can manage your account as if you were at home in front of your computer.

Instant online loans without paychecks or guarantees

Instant online loans without paychecks or guarantees

We have therefore seen how simple it is to request a loan completely online and immediately. The procedure is certainly very quick, but it is good to do a further study about what is the documentation required for any online financing, regardless of the bank to which we rely. As we have said, these can be sent electronically, often using a PEC email address (Certified Electronic Mail), which many banks offer to their customers. The personal documents that will be requested to us are obviously the same for any bank, and are the identity card and the health card. These will identify us, and will allow the bank to verify, in the database of the Central Credit Register, that we are not bad payers and therefore from this point of view we are reliable customers.

A fundamental aspect, which determines whether or not our request is accepted, is payroll. For the bank it is very important that the customer is able to make the repayment without problems, and for this reason the first document that is required is the employment contract. From the net salary received, and from the repayment installment for the requested loan, the company will analyze whether or not we are able to support the expenditure every month. Another category of customers who can apply for an online loan without guarantees is that of pensioners. The latter must present only the last pension slip. Obviously, the maximum repayment installment that the customer can request will be proportional in this case to the net pension that is received each month.

What to do if you do not have a paycheck? This is the case with freelancers and self-employed workers. In fact, many times it is not very easy to receive a loan, as it is not possible to present a work contract. The best solution in this case is to present the tax return. In this way we will demonstrate to the company that we can pay the repayment installment every month, thanks to the gains obtained continuously. Also in this case the bank will make its own risk analysis to decide whether or not to provide the loan. In case this solution is not possible, then the completely online procedure can not be carried out. What we will have to do, therefore, will be to set up an appointment at the branch office, again via the website of our bank. Here we can have a comparison with a consultant who, based on our situation, will propose a solution, which could be for example that of the presentation of a guarantor or the mortgage of a property.

Best immediate online loans: what are and conditions offered

Best immediate online loans: what are and conditions offered

After seeing all the general characteristics of the loans that we can request online with payment in 24 hours, what remains to be done is to find out which are the best companies to rely on to obtain financing with 100% request online. Below we present the most convenient solutions we have found on the web, with the main information regarding the treatment offered. Every day the companies study new promotions, so our advice is to first visit the website of your bank, then take a look at all the other solutions available on the market.

Orange loan: request it quickly in 5 minutes!

The ING Direct personal online loan is called the Orange Loan. This financing option is reserved for holders of an Orange Current Account, and the main feature is certainly the extreme delivery speed. If you have chosen to credit your salary on the Orange Current Account every month, in fact, at the time of the loan request you can have the amount you want immediately available to you, even in just 5 minutes! It will not be necessary to specify the reason why we need funding, and we can request a minimum of 3,000 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, which we can repay over a period of 12 to 84 months. Furthermore, there is no cost of opening the file, management fees, annual stamp duty or any penalties in case of early repayment. Finally, two completely free services that can be very useful are the options Jump One and Riduci One, which will allow us to postpone the payment of an installment or change the amount.

Astrofinance Personal Loans online, very fast up to 60 thousand euros

Astrofinance is one of the main banks for any form of financing, and in particular regarding the online request. First of all, in fact, it is good to underline how the request procedure is immediate and very easy to complete. With the Astrofinance online personal loans we can receive an amount ranging from 1,000 to 60,000 euros. Obviously for high figures it is not possible to get a delivery in the day, however in many cases it takes only a few days to have the requested sum available. In this case the specification of the purpose of our financing is required, but an advantage over other companies is that for which it is not necessary to have a PEC email address, since we will use the digital signature. Finally, another advantage of choosing the Astrofinance online personal loans is that they can also be requested by those who are not customers of Astrofinance. As pointed out on the company’s website, in fact, the requested sum will be paid directly to the current account, regardless of the applicant’s bank.

Fostal Bank Online Personal Loan, immediate and convenient

Another company always very convenient that of the Italian Post Office, which customers who prefer to make the request directly from home offers personal loans Fostal Bank Online. This solution is reserved for Fostal Bank account holders who have activated the Internet Banking service. Through this product you can request from a minimum of 1,500 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, which we can repay in a period ranging from 12 to 84 months. Also in this case only the digital signature will be required to complete the request, the progress of which can be followed either through the website of the Italian Post Office or by mobile phone using the official App. In the event that the customer does not have the possibility to send the required documentation directly online, he can choose to send it in paper format, even if in this case the waiting time would be slightly longer (it will still be a few days). Finally, as regards reimbursement, this will be done by direct debit to the Fostal Bank Current Account.